Friday, 26 October 2012

Modern Panic III

I am elated to announce that my photographic series Inexorable Inertia... has been selected by Guerrilla Zoofor the Modern Panic III, exhibition Apiary  Studio, London 23rd November - 2nd December.

"A unique and powerful collection  of over 50 surreal, controversial and provocative international artists." 


  1. Julie, you've really "nailed" it on this one! Good for you!!!!!!!! Congratulations!! I'm very, very proud of you for this piece!

    I'm very anti-gun, and, for me, this would make the very best "ID" for all of us in USA who are of the same mind as me about guns!~ Just my opinion, but your work certainly "says it all"!!! God Bless You for your excellent work!!

  2. I can not take credit for this piece its by an amazing artist Santiago Caruso! A symbolist and surreal artist, whos work was rightly selected for the promotion of Modern Panic III, I felt really honoured having my work showed alongside such powerful and accomplished artists!!!!