Artist Statement

Julie Newton is an interdisciplinary artist working across mediums such as photography, sculpture, and most recently, video and installation. Newton’s practice is predominantly involved with the reciprocal relationship between home and identity; the vernacular role of domesticity forms the context from which the work is created. Newton satisfies a longing to return to the perceived comfort and stability of ‘home’, by creating work, which establishes intimate connections.

Notions of 'self' are often explored through the mother daughter dyad; this symbiotic relationship is a coherent theme, personal objects are employed throughout Newton’s practice due to their inherent residual histories. Through the labor-intensive acts of making, Newton establishes intimate connections with her work, documenting her memories and experiences. Questioning notions of acceptability, in regards to the female form, raises issues of idealized norms; the familiar is often paired with the uncanny, creating an undisclosed sense of loss and absence. 

During the production process, the de-familiarisation of everyday objects and images, subverts their referentiality, this in turn heightens anxieties; furthermore private conduct is contradicted by the knowledge of ensuing public exposure. Subtle signs of transition and emotive psychological shifts are explored through an involved personal narrative, resulting in evocative, and at times unsettling work.